Strategische Investoren

Strategic investors

Your enterprise is doing well but you could grow faster by acquiring a competitor? No matter how well you know your industry, it is unlikely you know every single relevant company or the plans of its owners. Or perhaps you would like to expand your company’s capabilities by establishing a new business unit. Purchasing a well-positioned supplier can get you there quickly and create a wide spectrum of new opportunities by giving you access to the skilled workforce you need, along with a solid customer base.

Use COMPANYLINKS to identify acquisition candidates effectively and free of charge, and put yourself into the pole position if the company of interest is actually for sale without any major public announcement.

Private Equity

Private equity

“COMPANYLINKS’ approach makes it considerably simpler to source appropriate investments. We only see the deals that really interest us.”

Florian Thelenberg
Director, ECM

As a financial investor, you want to know which sell-sides are on the market. But SMEs tend to shy away from the big stage: if their M&A adviser doesn’t know you or otherwise doesn’t contact you, you might not get to hear about the transaction until after its done and dusted.

Whether you’re looking for an add-on or a new platform investment, tell COMPANYLINKS what kind of purchases you’d like to consider and participate without wasting time on the high dealflow handled by our platform. Only when we know exactly what you’re looking will we connect you to the seller or their M&A adviser. This way, both your information and the seller’s are protected. With COMPANYLINKS, no information can be viewed by third parties. Therefore, the competition won’t find out what kinds of investments you’re seriously considering. This is also completely free of charge for the buyer, even once the deal is closed, because we are compensated by the seller.

Private Equity
Family Offices

Family offices

Your clients typically have an entrepreneurial background themselves and take a positive view on direct investments in medium-sized companies. What is more, in the context of a mixed portfolio this asset class offers highly attractive investment opportunities that are largely unaffected by capital markets. On the other hand, it would not be feasible for you as a portfolio manager to maintain an over-dimensioned network of consultants to scan the market for attractive investment opportunities.

Simply place the investment categories of interest to your clients into the hands of COMPANYLINKS – if desired anonymously, without naming the party. Any time we come across a suitable company for sale you will be notified so your client can take action immediately. If so desired, your client may remain anonymous during this stage of the process.

Private Investoren

Management buy-in

“Shortly after I registered, COMPANYLINKS presented me with several interesting investment opportunities in medium-sized businesses. I’m thoroughly convinced of the merits of this concept.”

Jürgen Schulte-Laggenbeck

Interested in purchasing a company that you will be leading personally as managing partner? Or are you looking for an opportunity to work with a financial investor and contribute some equity capital of your own so you can enjoy a share of the success of the company?

COMPANYLINKS can help you identify a suitable opportunity, so partner with us! We will sit down with you to discuss your ideas in detail and understand exactly what you want to achieve. This way we will be able to find the right company for you. Our fee for recording your detailed information is EUR 490.00 plus VAT.

Private Investoren


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