How we work

Only COMPANYLINKS can offer this unique combination of big data and transactional expertise.

Artificial intelligence is a wonderful technology. But when addressing a challenge as individual as the sale of a company, AI alone won’t deliver the right results. COMPANYLINKS offers you much more than a data-matching service.


Data security is the most essential prerequisite for cooperation in a spirit of mutual trust. Therefore, the first step in establishing a business relationship is to sign a nondisclosure agreement.


When we receive a sale offer, we run a database search across thousands of registered buy side requests to find suitable matches. This provides us with an initial list of potential investors almost instantly.


One of our transaction experts then reviews this list manually to shortlist the best candidates. Based on the specifications submitted by the investors, we then filter out the closest matches for what the seller is looking for.


The seller and their consultant then decide which investors to contact. If desired, COMPANYLINKS can do this for the client.