The solution

This is why only COMPANYLINKS meets all essential criteria for a matching platform for medium-sized companies.

The sale of a company is a matter of trust. This means that a number of requirements must be met so the best match can be found discreetly yet efficiently.


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Anonymity and Confidentiality

Identifying a private equity partner or successor is a sensitive matter. No entrepreneur wants competitors, customers or employees to find out too soon that the company is for sale. Therefore, we do not make any company-specific information available to the public, whether online or elsewhere. Only selected COMPANYLINKS employees are able to access our database. No third-party access is possible.


Transactional Expertise

Our team consists of experienced specialists. They are professionals who have played key roles in numerous company sale transactions, whether as owners or consultants. This comprehensive expertise is unique to COMPANYLINKS.



We focus on sellers and buyers of medium-sized enterprises with valuations of about €3 million and above. This means we are relevant for institutional market participants.



We are an owner-managed company that is free of conflicts of interest. COMPANYLINKS offers its services to any serious market player.



We capture all our data through personal interviews and update them regularly to ensure the highest possible data quality at all times.

Aktives Matching

Active Matching

When we receive a sale offer, we immediately run the information against our database to find a matching buyer. Supply and demand are aligned directly.


Cost Efficiency

Upon successful referral, the seller or its consultant pays a commission, provided we were able to deliver added value. We register investment profiles from institutional investors free of charge.